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Misty Lake

Misty Lake tells the story of Patty, a Metis reporter who visits a northern reserve to interview Mary, a Dene woman, about residential schools and healing. What follows is a voyage of self-discovery as Patty realizes she must face her own demons. Misty Lake tackles a tricky and painful subject with intelligence, verve and originality. The result is a tender, poignant and extremely funny snapshot of another's plight and place.
-Riva Harrison, Winnipeg Sun

First performed in 1999, Misty Lake is a powerful play, as well as an extremely important and relevant look at residential schools and their effect on today's Indigenous people.

Aimed at Senior high school students, as well as adults, Misty Lake is a play that is able to combine many subjects: English literature, Canadian history, Indigenous studies and drama. Misty Lake is a great way to get students interacting, reading in small groups and discussing in larger groups.

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